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Only a few examples of our collection of customer testimonials

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

water jacket Butterfly valves
«We repaired a water jacket on a 100 horsepower ammonia compressor using DURMETAL®. A hard freeze broke out a ten inch chunk of the cast iron jacket very close to the main bearing. We applied DURMETAL® in about two hours and avoided approx. 40 man-hours repairing the compressor.»
«Repaired Butterfly valves successfully with DURMETAL® Standard. Estimated savings $ 700.–.»
11/2 copper elbow
live steam line
«This is a DURMETAL® repair to a 11/2 copper elbow and adjoining nipple. The problem was to stop a leak in a system carrying an Ethylene Glycol solution at 40 lbs. pressure and between 28° F and 30° F. We are pleased with the results and of course the savings. A total break down could have run into several thousands of dollars.»
«Making this repair on a live steam line with DURMETAL® saved us in several ways, for it would have taken a scheduled shut down which are very costly.»
ammonia booster compressors
ammonia booster compressors
«Repairs were made to one of our ammonia booster compressors (made of cast iron). The water cooling jacket sprung a leak. We could not turn the compressor off for any great length of time as this compressor controlled our freezer temperatures. We turned off the water to make the repair, but let the compressor run. We used DURMETAL® Standard. Two hours later we turned the compressor back on. It did not leak.»
lead tanks
lead tanks
«Mainly, we have used your RAPID to patch gas leaks in our SO2 ducts and water leaks on our lead tanks. I have included before and after photographs of two repairs. A RAPID patch on 30’’ SO2 gas duct and the other a STANDARD patch on a lead water reservoir for a wet scrubber. These repairs would have eventually caused an outage of several hours which would have stopped production, and the resulting heat-up would have used about $1200.– worth of natural gas. Thanks for a fine product that is well worth stocking!»
carbon steel tank
pipe flange
«Had a application on a 30 000 gallon carbon steel tank that was highly explosive from previously stored materials. It would have been very expensive to clear and back weld to assure no further leaks. DURMETAL® went on as directed and should supply many years of peace of mind. Since it worked so well on that tank we have applied DURMETAL® to several leaking tanks containing flammable material. Again, we did not have to spend a great deal of money to safely clear them for welding.»
«Leak on 10’’ flange: The pipe flange was wire drawn in seven places. DURMETAL® Coldwelding was applied, covered with a gasket, pressure applied with weight. Later the flange was filed flat and connected back in line. It has been over 2 months now. Working pressure is 420 psi at 400° F. The product in the line is wet gas, 65% Hydrogen, 30% CO, 3% Nitrogen, 1% Methane, 1% Argon. This repair prevented us from a major shutdown.»
circulating tank in our Uranium mines plant
circulating tank in our Uranium mines plant
«I was given a job to repair a 2 1/2’’ hole in the acid circulating tank in our Uranium mines plant.
Thanks DURMETAL® I avoided approx. 2 hours of total plant shut down and considerable safety hazards.»