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  Velodur Durmetal
  • Tested and approved
  • Pressure resistant to 2500 psi
  • Works under water and in oil.
  • No fire & explosion hazards
  • Works for Army, Navy and Airforce
  • Coast Guard, Fortune 500 and small shops


We have been supplying industry and military with QUALITY COLDWELDING ® products since 1966

The DURMETAL® Coldwelding Systems® consists of various size Repair Kits tailor made for your needs. Kits are packaged to make multiple repairs and are designed as a Preventive Maintenance system ready for use when a repair situation arises.

Each Kit contains 2 Basic Products: DURMETAL® SUPER CA-HD Rapid® and DURMETAL® Standard and has a shelf life which is guaranteed or we exchange the defective part of the kit free of charge.

SUPER CA-HD RAPID® Base and Activator is the only known product worldwide to stop leaks on oily, greasy or wet surfaces. It works submerged in water and oil. SUPER CA-HD RAPID® cures in 3-4 minutes.

STANDARD Base and Activator is used for repairs on dry surfaces combining metallic and non-metallic materials. STANDARD cures in 3-4 hours and provides a permanent repair that can be machined or drilled.

Purchase without risk with our 3 guarantees:
  1. Technical data guarantee: You as the specialist in your industry can decide how to utilize DURMETAL® within the framework of these technical data. Your repairs will be carried out successfully all the time.

  2. Performance guarantee through high quality control standards.

  3. Shelf Life Guarantee: We guarantee the Shelf Life as long as you actively work with your DURMETAL® REPAIR KIT or we will replace a defective part of your DURMETAL® KIT free.