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Only a few examples of our collection of customer testimonials

General Industries

repair 3 sea-water-valves the sea-water-valves are molded parts
«We had to repair 3 sea-water-valves with a diameter of 700 mm. The main part of the sea-water-valves are molded parts. They showed traces of advanced usage and caused a real problem due to the water-tightness across the sea-water-valves which was no longer guaranteed. The problem was that the wooden buttress supporting the sea-water-valves were completeley worn out and there was no possibility to repair them in a classic way. As we had no spare parts, we did our repair with DURMETAL®. The result after the repair of the wooden buttress and the resumption of the sea-water-valves was astonishing. The sea-water-valves are perfectly water tight.»
Chilled Water Pipe System in our Central Airconditioning Plant surface of dryer cylinder
«We have had a break-down in our Chilled Water Pipe System in our Central Airconditioning Plant. The repair of the fractured pipe, which is under 4 bar water pressure, would have inconvenienced our entire office for a considerable period of time. However, with your DURMETAL® we have successfully repaired the pipe line without any downtime at all and saved $ 200.–.»
«Corrosion was prevented on surface of dryer cylinder (edges). The biggest savings are:
  1. Wrinkels on paper produce was reduced/eliminated. Improved paper quality
  2. Reduced maintenance cost/activities
  3. Fatal accident was prevented.
enterprise diesel engine repair one of our Grinnell Fire Protection Systems
«Enclosed a picture of an enterprise diesel engine that we repaired. The block was leaking water to the outside. It had been welded years ago, which held for a while but started leaking again. We patched it with DURMETAL® and it is holding fine. The cost was small in comparison to welding.»
«We used DURMETAL® Rapid to repair one of our Grinnell Fire Protection Systems. The repair was made to the top of a regulator without taking the system out of service. Downtime approx. 6 hours. Estimated savings on job was $ 280.–.»
6’’ gate valve steam valve regulators
«I have been using DURMETAL® for many years here and in other plants as well, with much success. As you can see on the picture,
we repaired this 6’’ gate valve that had a crack due to freezing. The price of a new valve is about $ 230.–. Total cost of repairing the old valve was about $ 20.–, quite a saving. Thanks for producing such a product.
«We applied DURMETAL® to a cover for 2 steam valve regulators which work at 100 pounds per square inch.»
Successful repair to a two cylinder air cooled petrol engine Successful repair to a two cylinder air cooled petrol engine
«Successful repair to a two cylinder air cooled petrol engine in the form of reclaiming the cylinder head stud threads in the crankcase which would have been scrapped and could not be reclaimed by normal methods: By Helicoil Tread inserts or Aluminium Welding as a crack, down the inside face had developed and could not be reached for welding. The repair was accomplished by simply filling the damaged hole and overlaying the cracked area, drilling and threading to standard size and re-assembling. The cylinder head nuts were torqued down to 45ft/lbs and the engine has been running successfully for 2 months without problem and at 25% of the originally estimated repair cost, and in half the time.»
pipe coupling Ford tractor scrubber
«We were able to repair a $ 200.– pipe coupling with your product in fifteen minutes. To remove this section and replace would have taken 6 hours of downtime and the $ 200.– pipe coupling. We still have enough cold weld to make another dozen repairs. I am satisfied with the result obtained from your product.»
«Repairs made to a Ford tractor scrubber used in our 17.5 acre dry grocery warehouse. The seam on the water solution tank had cracked about half way down the side of the tank. Since the tanks are constructed of stainless steel, welding is difficult without first removing the tanks from the tractor. The repair with DURMETAL® was made on the unit in a short period of time.»