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steam pressure with pin hole leak on one side
4’’ condenser water line
«#1: Valve under 140 lbs. of steam pressure with pin hole leak on one side. DURMETAL® Standard was applied to the valve over a year ago, it stopped the leak and to this date is still holding. #2: Approx 1/4’’ of the seat trap was worn away, caused by steam leakage, building the seat back up with the cost of a new trap. Reduced downtime and savings of 10–12 man-hours with DURMETAL®. The time and money we saved has sold us on your product.»
«Repair was made on a 4’’ condenser water line for our Computer Room. The repair was completed in 20 minutes. Savings using DURMETAL® versus conventional methods were in excess of $1000.–. The inital purchase was recovered with my first repair.»
waste holding tank
guest room commode
«We used the DURMETAL® Kit for repairing our hot grease waste holding tank. The hot grease ate a hole through the steel wall. The patch is holding perfectly, saving the Hospital an expensive replacement and a considerable amount of downtime.»
«The plumbing for a guest room commode had been braced improperly when installed, causing the pipe to weaken and break. With our DURMETAL® Kit we were able to handle this repair ourselves, saving the expense of an outside contractor.»
emergency generator
hand-hole plate
«The water jacket on our emergency generator froze up and split. Repair was made with DURMETAL® within 3 hours. Savings: $ 5000.– for a new jacket cast and rent of a mobile generator for appr. 3 weeks.»
«We made a repair on hand-hole plate for a 250 psi boiler. Plate was badly steam cut. We used DURMETAL® to repair gasket area. No leaks at this time. DURMETAL® did a fine job.»
6’’ gate valve
«We repaired a union on one of our boilers, working at a temperature of between 160° C to 180° C. The savings of time alone was estimated 3 to 4 hours, with a saving of around $ 400.–. We think your product is a great invention.»
«I have been using DURMETAL® for many years here and in other plants as well, with much success. Picture shows repair of 6’’ gate valve that had a crack due to freezing. Price of a new valve is about $ 230.–. Total cost of repairing the old valve was about $ 20.–. Quite a saving. Thanks for producing such a product!»
21/2 copper ondensate return line
11/2’’ blowdown line
«A small crack developed in a 21/2 copper ondensate return line which became progressively worse with time. In order to solder or braze the crack, all steam to the ancillary service section of the entire building, would have to be shut off. It is assumed the downtime would have been a minimum of 2 hours, not to mention
the inconvenience it would have created. The entire DURMETAL® repair, including our practice patch, was less than 1 hour. We feel your product has lived-up to your claims.»
«The fault developed in the 11/2’’ blowdown line from the steam boilers to the blowdown tank. Investigation revealed that the line had been welded into the blowdown tank and repairs would be costly and time consuming. I elected to use DURMETAL® Coldwelding on the repair and the system was back in service within 6 hours. Savings approx. $ 300.–.»
«Enclosed you will find pictures of two repairs that were made in dormitories in the middle of the night and in the dead of winter. The cast iron steam radiator (#1) was frozen and had three 12’’ long, 1/8’’ wide cracks in it. It was repaired in approx. 1 hour.
#2 shows a condensate return line that had rusted through and was repaired in 1/2 hour.»