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Refineries - Oil and Gas - Offshore Companies

dividing baffle plate Repaired a 2’’ lin
«Patched a large hole in a dividing baffle plate with DURMETAL® on a 3 metre diameter channel head. The channel head baffles are carbon steel with a lead lining. This operates with a constant flow of salt water on an exchanger. The lining had become very thin and salt water had holed the baffle plate. By using DURMETAL® Coldwelding Kit it saved valuable downtime and man-hours. It is a marvellous product.»
«Repaired a 2’’ line that came off a 16’’ line that supplies the power plant. In order to weld, we would have had to shut down the main line, break 2 flanges and flush the line with foam resulting in at least 15 hours downtime and a cost of $ 3000.– to $ 5000.–. You have a good product.»
gas engine cylinder
Repair on leaking tank
«This is a gas engine cylinder that I repaired with the DURMETAL® Kit purchased. About $ 300.– was saved in money and downtime saved was 8 days.»
«Repair on leaking tank.»
diesel engine turbo charger
leaky cooler-header of the air-cooler
«Repair was made on a diesel engine turbo charger which seems to do the job so far.»
«Repair carried out with DURMETAL® Coldwelding to the leaky cooler-header of the air-cooler, Nuovo-Pignone (Italy) compressor unit, in operation at one of our Natural Gas Compressor Stations. The cooler header is about 12 feet above the ground level. To dismantle and refit it through conventional welding process, after repairing, would have taken us more than 5 man-days and approx. 24 hours shut down. With DURMETAL® shut down was only 5 hours.»
pallet toter gear box
oil pumps of a 20 KVA transformer
«Enclosed is a picture of a repair job done on a pallet toter gear box. A steel wheel had come loose on its shaft and wore a circular groove in a cast gear box. The groove was deep enough to let the oil leak out of the gear box. To repair this in the conventional way, by arc welding, the gear case would have been removed and then welded. By using DURMETAL® Coldweld method, we completed this job in one hour and did not have to remove the gear case. Quite a savings!»
«We have used the DURMETAL® Coldwelding System® to repair an oil leak on the flange of one of our oil pumps of a 20 KVA transformer. By pulling 8 pounds of vacuum we were able to stop the leak after three applications. Without this, the transformer would have had to be taken out of service and the oil removed. Repair and vacuum filling would have taken approx. 40 hours of labor for a three man crew. Downtime would have been approx. 1 week.»
Repair on storage tanks in oil tank farm
flanges and couplings
«Repair on storage tanks in oil tank farm.»
«Repair job with DURMETAL® Coldwelding System® on flanges and couplings.»
2000 BBL crude oil tank
2000 BBL crude oil tank

«Repairs made on a 2000 BBL crude oil tank and a 500 BBL oil tank that was leaking due to internal corrosion. Metal screws were inserted to stop the flow and DURMETAL® Standard was applied. Both leaks were stopped with no loss of production.»