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Only a few examples of our collection of customer testimonials

Ship and Marine Industries

pressure steam coil Hydraulic Bow Thruster system
«Repair on a low pressure steam coil, cracked at the cast iron manifold. Brazing repaired the crack but also lossened the copper tubes, in 3 places, where they enter the manifold, due to excessive heat. DURMETAL® was used to repair these leaks and the coil is now back in service. We are well pleased and see many other uses for your product down the road.»
«I am using your product for 4 years now without an unsuccessful repair. Repair on the picture: The Balance Control Valve body used on the Hydraulic Bow Thruster system was pitted at the inlet connection – hydraulic fluid was leaking into the space creating a fire hazard and a loss of fluid of the system. By using
DURMETAL® Standard, the Bow Thruster System was back in normal operation within 4 hours. Savings: $ 1700.–.»
offshore production deck
fuel tank
«Repair on the offshore production deck, which is used as oil settlement tank. A one inch crack occured due to the chipping of rust and paint and caused an oil leak with a small amount af head pressure. DURMETAL® did a beautiful job, and other suspected spots have been repaired. It saved us a lot of time and money.»
«Repair made on my fuel tank. The connection part didn’t shut tightly, therefore I welded it with your DURMETAL® Coldwelding and have no more problems with it since then.»
outboard motor of my ship
main engine fuel supply pipe
«Last summer the outboard motor of my ship scraped against a reef. A crack on the gearbox appeared as big as a fist and the oil was leaking out. DURMETAL® Rapid did an excellent job.»
«Photo shows a repair of main engine fuel supply pipe from daily tank. Because of trading pattern it was difficult to arrange for tank cleaning and gas freeing. DURMETAL® Super CA-HD Rapid was applied and pipe as well as leakage of big tank were repaired successfully.»
Crack on the bottom hull of one of the boat
Repair crack on the bottom hull of one of the boat
«Crack on the bottom hull of one of the boats. The leak caused water to come in. Savings on man-hours, downtime, spare parts and slipway approx. $ 10 000.–. It was reported that a crack developed on the port side of engine room at frame #7 approx. 5’’ at first observation and further to 6’’ after two days. Both ends were drilled and plugged with wood. The width of crack at the middle was approx. 3 mm. Used Kevlar® tape according to instructions working with DURMETAL® Rapid. No signs of leak after application until to date.»
General Electric, 16 cylinder, 3 000 HP Diesel Engines
fuel bunker-line tank
«The front covers of the four General Electric, 16 cylinder, 3 000 HP Diesel Engines have cracks allowing lubricating oil to leak. DURMETAL® Standard was applied – application was easy and did not require much time. Without your product, each engine would be down for 2–3 days.»
«Thank you for your excellent product. It helped me to repair a crack in a fuel bunker-line tank under pressure on my ship within 10 minutes using your RAPID instead of 24 hours with traditional methods. In this situation, 2 fuel barges were waiting to fuel my 250 000 tons ship with 400 tons of heavy fuel when the crack appeared. Without your product we could have been delayed which means a loss of at least $ 50 000.–. I find your product very vital, especially on ships.»
turbo charger repair
turbo charger repair
Dismantling of Turbo charger main engine inlet casing. Cleaning of casing per DURMETAL® instruction, Mixing of DURMETAL® A+B per directions and video supplied.
10 mm screw imbedded in hole with DURMETAL®. Applied DURMETAL® on both sides. Up to today no further leaking problem.